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Exporting IDEA's File Explorer List of databases to Excel?

I am not sure if there is any other way to do this. What I need is to be able to export the list of IMD's in my IDEA's File Explorer to an Excel or Text file.
for example, I currently have over 50 IMD files listed under the IDEA File Explorer window for the current project. The IDEA File Explorer lists important information about each of the 50 IMD:
I need to export this list to Excel with all the information displayed there: Name, Number of Records, Size, Modified Date, Crated date.

Export Multipel IDEA Database into 1 Excel File


I am having trouble exporting my .IMD databases to an Excel (with multiple sheets)
I have tried the IdeaScripVault scripts "Export Multiple Databases.iss" and "Databases.iss" but I always have the same problem

If the folder that contains all the IMD has subfolders (can be empty) I get a message: MsgBox ("The folder you selected does not contain IDEA databases", 16, "Error")

But if the folder where all the .IMD are does not contain more subfolders, the script works correctly

Can you help me?


How to eliminate the Reversals (DR & CR Net to Zero) in Journal entries


Hope you are well I'm constantly following your posts in the site and your idea-scripts  and im searching for idea-script or procedure to do with this issue ( Removes reversals of Dr & Cr in GL) if you can help me im thankfull to your appreciate Thanks,Hady


Search numbers from range in another database

Please help
I have 2 tables
1st table contains value (e.g. 2, 8, 13, 17, 55, 104,)
2nd table contains 3 columns. 1st Column Start range, 2nd column End range, 3rd Column value)
I want to build a query, where second column will be added in 1st Table.....which will contain criteria and will query the value in 1st table and check the value betwene Start and End range of 2nd table...if the value is between the start and end range...then it will give the corresponding value in 3rd column of 2nd table.
1st Table

Previous Row Repeat Given Certain Condition in Column X

Hi all!
First post :)
I could not find any script for this so I'll post here.
I want to create a script that picks out the following information below. Please note that all information is within one column.  Each break is one row.
I have a column that contains the following information that repeats for all the transactions, see example below.  
#Verification A3000 "20170301"   "Personal Expenses"   <- Header information