Action Field

This snippet was created by CB and it allows us to use IDEAScript to create an action field.  The function takes three parameters:
The master file, this is the file in which the field will hold the action (i.e. this field will become a link and when click on will extract all the records from the secondary file)

  1. The detail file, this is the file that contains the transactions that will be extracted.
  2. This is the common field between the two (must be the same name) that the action will be linked by.

Get most recent file from a directory

I found this snippet by doing a google search and adapting it to IDEA.  It will return the name of the most recently saved file from a directory.  With a bit of change it should also find the most recently modified file from a directory.

Create a delay

This little snippet will allow you to delay your code by x number of seconds.  Just use the call wait(x) where x is the number of seconds you want the script to pause.

Remove Blanks from an Array

This function will remove any blank elements within an array.

How to sort an array

Somteimes you need to be able to sort an array.  This function will take a single array and sort it in alphabetical order.


This function will return a Log10 value

Replace function

This function allows you to replace part of a string with another part.  So if you have a string "ACBDEFGH" and you want to replace "DEF" with "MNO" using this function it would return "ABCMNOGH"

Get a folder

This function will open a dialog that will display the folders on your computer which you can then choose one from.  The second form only opens at the working directory level.

Display the filename in a text field

This function will update a text field with a file name selected from within a custom menu.

Populate Primary field List

This function will populate an array with information that can be used in a field list for a custom menu.