Importing G/L Detail with offset columns

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Joseph Maxwell
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Importing G/L Detail with offset columns

Does anyone have any helpful tips on how to import information from a report as depicted in this post? There is a line of information defining the G/L account number, name and overall balance information, then another "subheader" line, if that's what you would call it, before it goes into the actual activity detail for the account. 
I'd like to pull the information out to where the G/L Account Number and Name are included with every line of detail for ease of use with later steps. If that isn't possible, then even being able to have the G/L Account Number and Name shown for each applicable section of information would work. 
I'm fairly new to IDEA so any suggestions are helpful. 
Thanks in advance!

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Brian Element
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Hi Joseph,

You need to use the Report Reader import for this report.  Here is a video to show you how to do it:  Also you can do a YouTube search on Report Reader IDEA and you will see several other videos on how to use this function.

Good luck on your project.

Steven Luciani
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You will have to use report reader to complete this task. This program is part of the IDEA software. From your import assistant window you have to choose the PrintReport and Adobe PDF option.

If you have never used Report Reader to import a file there is a tutorial PDF included with your install of IDEA. It is located here: C:\Program Files\CaseWare IDEA\IDEA\Documentation. I works with the Tutorial project included with your install of IDEA.

Based on your screen shot. You will create a standard base layer using the line 21196 01/03/2019  12019 ...

and pick up the data you want from this base information. Then you create an append layer by highlighting the account number and name line. You will need to remember to change the blank cells attribute to use value from previous record in the field details window so that the account names and numbers copy down for all the transactions related to that account name/number.