Add Comment to IDEA database


This script gives an alternative way to add comments to your database whil

Fill Down Utility


This script will allow you to fill empty cells within a database from information contained in the previous cell.

Export Delimited File


This script gives additional options for anyone wishing to export an IDEA file in a delimited format.

2015-08-15 - Updated the script so that the if you user select to include field names that they are separated by the selected field separator and not the ",".  Also added code to format numbers, it seems that if you had a number like 12.10 it would be stored in the text file as 12.1, this has been fixed.

Text Search


The text search script gives you an alternatvie interface to performing a text search from within IDEA.  The script allows you to select up to 10 different search terms (you can use the wildcards), it also allows you decide if the search is case sensitve or not and the type of search, i.e.

Compare multiple fields


This script will take the same file from different points and time and compare multiple fields. Currently the compare funciton in IDEA only allows to compare on one field based on an amount field. This will allow for comparison of text and date fields also.

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