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ExportdatabasesToExcel - No files found in folder

Hi all,
when I'm using the script "ExportdatabasestoExcel" and I open the folder with all databases of a project, it shows this error message "The folder you selected does not contain IDEA databases!.
It does not change anything if the folder I select has subfolders or not.
Can anyone help?
Thanks a lot! 

Dialog Box (How to connect checkbox with functions

Hi Brian,
I hope you are doing well.
I have created a dialog to import some tables into a project.
Attached is my codes. My problem is I could not find how to connect each function (like GL_BS, Gl_EXP,...) to the checkboxes I have created.
I just want to import selected tables into a project by using this checkbox.

Key extraction SCRIPT problems when db is renamed

I am using the following key extraction script. But there is a problem if I rename the database prior to running the script. I get an error message "Error on line 128 - Invalid database name. The database name provided is either invalid or currently in use." 
So the line not working is this one: 
Set keydb=Client.OpenDatabase(keydbfile)
Do you know how I could upgrade the script so it doesnt matter if the database is renamed or not, it will run the script?

Form with several GroupBox and radioBotton

Greetings to all,
I am making a form with several radioBottons, but I want to have it separated by application in the same form so that the user only has a menu from where he can execute all the options of different applications, I will execute the options of a group (GroupBox1) but as I control the other GroupBox2 ... GroupBox3 within the Scripts? Do you have any script that performs all those options of different GroupBox?
for example. 

pass parameter to an extraction

How can I pass parameters or arguments to an extraction of this type.
the part in bold are the months of a date entered in the form
Sub Main
Call DirectExtraction()'FISA.TPLA_HISDAT.IMD
End Sub
' Datos: Extracción directa
Function DirectExtraction
Set db = Client.OpenDatabase("FISA.TPLA_HISDAT.IMD")
Set task = db.Extraction
dbName = "xxxxxxxx.IMD"